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Secret Stalker, PG-13, Sexual Refrences

Secret Stalker, PG-13, Sexual Refrences

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Reach up for the Sunrise

Secret Stalker
exchanged with: sourie
Sexual References
1982 words
Summary:  Everyone is Hogwarts is obsessed with Sirius Black. Including you. You just don’t like to let anyone know about it. So, to not get lost in the crowd, you stalk from afar. Finally, Valentine’s Day comes, and once again Sirius dumps a girl and picks up another one. Or tries. Cause it’s you. Will you let him finally let your own inner fantasies come true? Maybe you should get over it and move on. Maybe you should slap him. Or maybe you should succumb to the feeling that you want to fall into his arms on an unseasonably warm Febuary the 14th...

All you remembered was seeing his face. He was laughing. It was that laugh that the girls would all swoon at whenever they heard it. Including you.

That’s why, when you finally opened your eyes, you were in the common room instead of at the top of the girl’s dorms’ stairs, and your ass didn’t hurt. Yet, now it did, and everyone was laughing at you.

You blushed madly and scrambled to your feet, desperately trying to smooth out your uniform and quickly picked up your bag.

You didn’t like to admit you liked him. In fact, you can’t remember the last time you did. Almost the whole of the Girls’ population at Hogwarts liked him, and you saying you liked him as well wouldn’t of made any difference. It was much better for you if you just kept quiet, and tried to get over this boulder of a crush as soon as humanly possible. You really didn’t want to cry again on Valentine’s Day. For someone - no, thing - like Sirius Black. It was unethical, and you wouldn’t have it.

You searched the ground quickly for your Charm’s book, desperate to get out of the common room even though the laughing had stopped.

“Looking for this?”

He didn’t say it in a nice way. But then again, he didn’t say it in a nice way either. Maybe a mocking way, or a sarcastic way, but in the fun, silly things Sirius Black was known for. You had to bite the inside of your cheek from smiling as much as you wanted to, just letting the corners of your mouth rise upwards.

“Um… Yes. May I have it back, please?”

You could tell he wasn’t expecting it. ‘The Sirius Black? He is such a terrible person, trying to play a cruel joke on me. Oh, whatever shall I do? Ah yes, I know… yell at him. Like Lilly does to James. Maybe slap him once or twice and call him a perv. Brilliant.”

“Sure….” He said, obviously uneasily at your easy-going question, handing it back softly instead of slapping it in your hand like you had so many times seem him do to Remus or Peter.

“Thanks.” You said, smiling, before turning around and making your way towards the portrait hole. For some reason, the common rooms’ sounds became louder. You never remembered the sound to ever stop, but now the sound was deafening… you had to get out of there. You could hear the scratches of quills, the scratches of quills. You could even hear the same three obnoxious laughs of the infamous marauders. You supposed Lily had finally come downstairs.

That girl takes the longest showers in the history of the world.


After finishing your Charms’ homework (you had to resist the urge to kiss the bindings where he touched it, settling for running your finger’s lovingly against it) you deposited your bags and things in your dorm (which was now empty due to V-Day lunch dates in Hogsmeade) and made your way down to Hogsmeade. Every year, you had always wound up in the Three Broomsticks, where the lonely, the dumped and the dooped always wound up. None of the sort had ever happened to you, you had had your fair share of fairly happy relationships (none of which, by the way, ever compared to your fantasies of Black… then again, that is the subject of another story), none of which happened during V-Day, but most of your friends end up there anyway, and it was a good place to get a butterbeer. By the time you would come back to Gryffindor tower, you had usually already saved one relationship, cheered up at least two friends, and then played matchmaker for a few lost souls. All in a day’s work, on V-day. Besides, another fine place to dry your eyes after seeing your soul mate with another girl.

Talking about Sirius, you weren’t the only one who had a yearly routine. Every year, you saw the same thing. First, he would go to Madame Puddifoot’s for some serious snogging with any girl of his choosing. Then, he would either get slapped, yelled at, or he would dump her for some stupid nonsense (aka he was, “bored”). Then he would watch her leave in tears, dry his shirt if need be (at this point, If any of his friends were in there, he would stop to say a joke or two) then he would make his way to the back of the steamy room. Then, after some shameless flirting with Madam Puddifoot herself, a few things could happen. He could take someone else’s girl, wait for someone to do the same thing he had just done, or go and chase someone down the street that he saw to his liking. Then, he would either repeat the process, or go home, depending on how late it was.

Stalker? You? No…. you just really liked the boutique right next store. It had nice birthday presents. Great day to stock up.

Currently, you were sitting in the Three Broomsticks, rubbing a crying girl’s back, as you slowly sipped your drink and daydreamed Sirius.

“And then he… he…”

“He what, Allison?”

“He- He-”

You sipped again, “What did he do, hun? It’s okay… your safe here. Surrounded by friends.”

“He went to the bathroom… and he never came… BACK!” She sobbed the last part before collapsing on your shoulder. You bit your lip in pity.

“Allison… it surely wasn’t about you! You are such a wonderful person!”

“I was talking to him about what I thought our kids would look like! I said that they would defiantly have my blue eyes and my hair and -and his…. Personality!!!!”

You stood corrected.

It was about her. All about her.

“Oh Allison! Don’t worry about it. It was just stupid Sirius Black.”


“Thanks you so much… really.” Allison said, wiping her eyes.

“Anytime.” You said, polishing off your butterbeer and standing up, “But, I must be off. I need to get a birthday present.”

“Oh really? For who? I do love birthdays!”

Your heart leapt to your throat. “My… My Auntie.”

“Oh… well… have fun then!”

You smiled guiltily before ducking your head down and darting out of the pub and down the street. Outside, it was nice out, so unlike a February day at Hogwarts, which was usually filled with either rain or slush. But today, the weather was strangely warm and peaceful. You hoped that it was a good omen.

You continued on until you reached the steamy shop windows where frosted-glass cupids were firing at each other. You stopped and tried to peer through the windows, hoping no one thought you were a perv.

You stepped back, surprised. IT WAS A GIANT ORGY!

(AN: Just kidding. Bet you wished I wasn’t, but I was.)

Actually, Sirius Black wasn’t in the back of the room. Odd. He never usually moved on for about ten minutes. It had only been five.

You stepped forward again and checked the crowded tables, but couldn’t find his perfect head anywhere.

You shrugged and sighed, stepping backwards again and actually making your way towards the boutique next-door.

“Hey! Wait up!”

You stopped and bit the inside of your mouth again.

“Hey Sirius.” You said, holding the sigh out of your voice as he came in step next to you.

“Where are you going?”

“Get a birthday present.”

“Really? For who?”

“My mother.”

“Oh… I thought it was for me.”

“Why? Is it your birthday soon?”

February 27, to be exact.

“Um… yes.” He said, staring at you with a disbelieving look.


“Just… most people know about my birthday.”

“Well, obviously not, Sirius.”

Once again, Lies.

“I guess…”

“Well… when is it then?”

“My Birthday?”

“Yes. Might as well get you a present now. You practically begged for one anyway…” You said, sarcastically, giggling in your head.

“I did not! I just- February 27.” He said,decieding not to challenge it.

You smiled against your will and ducked your head a bit as you both continued to walk. You mildly noticed you passed the boutique.

You looked up again, and his eyes met yours. You had to suppress a sigh. He melted you like butter. On high heat.

You felt his hand touch your chin as you both stopped walking towards the outskirts of town. He raised it slowly… you where ready to just tear it down and ravish him on the spot.

Mustn’t let him know that.

You let your eyes close, you could feel his breath warm your cheeks…

“Sirius… no.”

You took his hand and lowered it to his side before resolutely staring up into his eyes, laced with adorable confusion.

“What? My breath or something?”

“No… it’s just… how many people have you kissed today?”

“Um…. I don’t know. A few?”

“Well, I would rather not be a few plus one. Then plus one again. It’s…”

“Valentine’s Day?”

“Yes. Valentine’s Day. Not let’s-see-how-many-girls-I-can-kiss-in-a-day Day.”

“…. what?”

“I don’t want to be the next girl drowning her sorrows in a mug of fresh butterbeer.”

You both stood silent for a moment, before you finally sniffled and broke the silence.

“Sorry Sirius.” You said, turning around. It broke your heart, tore it to shreds, but you knew that this was the only way to mov-

“Wait! (Yourname)!” His arm caught your arm forcefully, but softly at the same time. Gentle, but firm. Sirius. Exactly the way you imagined it, exactly the way it was.

“Yes…” You seemed to breath, staring up into his sun-framed face.

“Will you be my Valentine? For the whole- rest- of the day, of course…?”

“I thought you would never ask…” You said, your bright smile finally letting it’s way through as you jumped-hugged him. He laughed and spinned you around for the hell of it before setting you down and hold your waist while you still clung to his back.

This time, your lips didn’t need to have a hand to guide them. You felt like you had known them for so long, and in a way, you had.

Your mouths fit together almost perfectly, you seemed to remember that the first time you kissed, you had missed his mouth slightly. He ran his tongue over your lips, asking a silent question that you eagerly agreed to as Hogsmeade Mountains stood in the backdrop. The mountain winds pushed your hair out of your face as your tongues explored each other’s almost feverently, desperate to be apart for so long.

You broke apart and smiled as he took your hand and lead you back to the Castle. Passing shops, you slightly remembered Allison glare at you. But if she couldn’t be happy, she wasn’t a true friend, was she?

Yet, it still was Sirius Black. Born February 27, black hair and gray eyes, brother to Regulas, lived in London, and Best Friend James Potter as well as all of the Marauders. Known for his womanizing, known for always getting away, getting what he wanted. But, right then, he was your Valentine. So hands off!


It has been almost 15 years to the day. You had little toddlers running about your feet, yet they weren’t yours. No, that dream had long since gone. It had gone to Azkaban, where you where sure the Dementor’s had almost sucked it completely dry. Obviously, they hadn’t yet. It would be in the paper. And you checked everyday. You did always need to know everything about your Sirius Black.

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