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The Mix Up, PG-13, Language

The Mix Up, PG-13, Language

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Title: The Mix Up
Username: no_name_303
Exchange with: _munchlax
Pairing: You/Cedric
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 1637
Summary: You've been one of the many girls swooning after Cedric Diggory for about a year. What happens when you give someone else his love letter?

A/N: Hope you like this, even though it sucks horribly. I just couldn't think of anything.

To: Someone Very Special
From: Not Telling You!

Happy Valentine's Day! Since today is a day full of love, I've decided to confess my true feelings for you. Please don't laugh, because you don't know how much courage it took for me to even think about writing this. I'm not really a writer, either. I'm sorry, I'll get straight to the point. I'm head-over-heels in love with you! And if you want to know who I am, then you should meet me tonight in the Quidditch Pitch at eight. If you don't show up, I'll dive into depression and commit suicide. So don't forget.

Your Secret Admirer

"Perhaps it's a bit too...er...stalker-ish. Maybe he'll be creeped out. Maybe I should--"

"Shut up! This is the seventh letter that you've written, and it ruins the whole Valentine's Day effect if he gets it on Christmas!" Melissa said impatiently, snatching the letter out of your hands, rolling it up, and tying it with a ribbon.

You glared at her. Another sixth year, Kira, came in and asked, "So, is it time for me to deliver the letter?"

"Yes," Melissa said. "Oh, and don't forget to give this to Oliver on your way there. Remember: the one with the red ribbon is for Cedric, and the one with the purple ribbon is for Oliver." She handed her another note that resembled your love letter.

"Oliver is purple, Cedric is red, Oliver is purple, Cedric is red," she muttered, walking out of the dorm with both pieces of parchment.

"Now what should we do?" you wondered nervously.

"It's Saturday, we don't have any classes. Let's go to breakfast," she shrugged.


Kira was walking through the common room, on her way to the boys' dorms to drop off Oliver's letter, when she was stopped by Angelina Johnson.

"Hey, Kira, I need some advice," she said. Well, this wasn't new. Kira was the girl everyone came to with their problems.

"What's the problem?" she asked.

Angelina droned on. How could you tell if a guy liked you? How could a boy tell if you liked him? Was it normal for people to want to strangle the person they were in love with? She went on and on, and Kira answered all of her questions thoroughly. Finally, Angelina said, "Thanks," and walked away.

Now, which one of these was for Oliver? she thought, looking down at the letters. The red ribbon is for...erm...oh, Oliver. Yes, that makes sense, because red is a Gryffindor color. Okay, I remember now. Cedric is purple, Oliver is red, Cedric is purple, Oliver is red...

She went up to the boys' dorms and left the letter with the red ribbon on Oliver's bed. Then, she left the Gryffindor tower and headed down to the Great Hall, placing the letter with the purple ribbon at the seat that Cedric Diggory sat at every day.

Oliver Wood saw Kira Edwards walking out of the boys' dorms and curiously went up there to see what she'd been doing. He found a piece of rolled up parchment on his bed, tied with a red ribbon. After reading it, he was shocked. Kira was in love with him? Not that she was unattractive or anything. But he had just broken up with Melissa, and Kira and Melissa were friends. He didn't want to come between them.

Besides, he'd never actually felt anything for Kira anyway. He wanted Melissa back, although he knew why she hadn't been speaking to him for so long. The Quidditch thing. He'd paid so much attention to Quidditch that he'd forgotten all about his girlfriend. And that's how his life was. He always found a way to screw up everything.

Sighing, he left and went down to the Great Hall, sitting with his friends, a few seats down from where Kira was sitting with you and Melissa.

"So, did you give him my letter?" you asked Kira as she sat down.

"Yes. And I'm sure he'll be very happy!" she giggled.

"I really don't know why you like him, other than his looks. Isn't he kind of stupid? And don't you hate stupid guys?"

"He's not stupid, Melissa. I know him well enough to know that he's not stupid," you shot back.


Oliver was taken aback. So it wasn't Kira who liked him after all...it was you!


I think that the two of us need to talk about you-know-what. Meet me tonight at eight outside of the Great Hall.

Cedric stared at the note. Melissa? As in Melissa Stephen? What could she possibly want to talk about with him?

After eating, Cedric was heading towards the Hufflepuff common room when he was stopped by one of his friends.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm just supposed to meet someone tonight," Cedric replied.

"Oooh, looks like Cedric's got a secret admirer!" his friend teased.

Of course, you were hiding around the corner and happened to overhear this conversation. He was actually going to meet you tonight! And, hopefully, he wouldn't get upset.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" and annoyingly cheery girl in your year said, prancing into the dorm. Lydia was one of those normal girls who didn't have to stalk the boy she liked and send him a creepy stalker-ish letter. She wasn't like you. She could write a list of what she would name her kids with her boyfriend(how pathetic!). The boy she liked had given her roses and chocolates for Valentine's Day, which, as Melissa felt the need to point out, just celebrated the death of St. Valentine.

"And you know, he was actually a nice guy. He helped out poor women so that they could get decent marriages!" Melissa ranted on.

"Shut up," you groaned, throwing a pillow at her head.

The rest of your day was spent similarly. Making fun of people who weren't miserably single like you, laughing at the idiots who went around saying things like, "Oh, woe is me, I'm single on the most romantic day of the year!"

So, you and your friends would skip merrily down the hallway singing something along the lines of, "Fuck that romance, screw the sex! It's time to get back at your ex! So cast a rather disappointing hex! Hurry up, you must be quick! He'll never know what you've nicked! Hey, new girl, what happened to your boyfriend's--"

"What a pathetic group of singles!" a girl snapped as she walked by with her boyfriend.

"What a pathetic freaky-bitch-thing that thinks she's cool or something," Kira said. All of you laughed and the girl rolled her eyes. Whatever.

Finally, it was ten minutes until eight. You and Melisa prepared by combing your hair and whatnot.

"You ready, Melissa?" you asked her.

"Yeah, I'm ready. Good luck!"

"Same here!"

The two of you parted. It was a bit chilly outside, and the only thing you could think of was how horrible it would be if Cedric didn't like you. If he thought you were a freak or something.

But when you got to the Quidditch pitch, the only person you saw was...Oliver Wood.

"Oliver? What are--?" you began, but he interrupted you.

"Look, I know that you really took a lot of time and a lot of effort to write that letter. I also know that it was very brave of you to write it. But we just can't be together!"

"Oliver, I--"

"I'm sorry. It's just that, you and Melissa are such good friends, and I don't want to come between you."

"Oliver, why--?"

"You're very nice, and very attractive. But I'm still not over Melissa, and it's not nice to date your best friend's ex."

"Oliver, shut up! What are you talking about? Why are you even here?" you asked.

Oliver looked confused and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. "You sent me this letter saying that you're my secret admirer. Then I overheard you at breakfast, asking Kira if I got your letter."

"Oh my God, she switched the letters! Which means that Cedric is with Melissa right now! Shit!"

"You mean, that letter was for--"

"Cedric Diggory! And he got the letter from Melissa! Come on, we've got to get to the Great Hall," you said, grabbing his arm and pulling him behind you.

On your way there, however, you ran into Cedric and Melissa.

"Oliver! You got the wrong letter!" Melissa called out.

"I know," he answered. "What did my letter say?"

"It said that we needed to talk. And we do! I'm really sorry for getting so angry at you about Quidditch. I mean, this is your last year her, and all."

"I'm sorry, too. I should've treated you more like my girlfriend." Then, they kissed. Well, okay, snogged. But it was still adorable.

"Awwww," you cooed. "That's so sweet! But, can you please excuse us?" They didn't answer, but they didn't seem to mind. Their kissing was getting a little too...intense.

So, you and Cedric walked for a while, to another corridor. Finally, you thought you were alone enough.

"Cedric...I know we've just been friends for a while, mostly because of that time in Potions where we were partners. But, I just wanted to tell you that I really like you and--"

He cut you off by kissing you deeply for a few minutes. When the kiss was finally over, he whispered, "Happy Valentine's Day." Then, with a wink, he walked away.

And then, you weren't really sure of what happened next, because you were too busy thinking about what to name your children with Cedric. How pathetic.
  • I loved it

    OMG! It's so cute! The switch was funny though! <3 I love it! <3~Crysta-chan~
  • Linda19

    Aww that was so cute! I loved the ending and how you included Oliver into it. Great job!!
  • (Anonymous)
    This story makes me smile.
    It's so cute.

  • Grace

    I forgot to put the name.


    i like this story.
    it made me smile.
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