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Youfiction Exchange

If Only For Right Now, You/Krum, R, sex

If Only For Right Now, You/Krum, R, sex

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Dean Cookie

Title:If Only For Right Now
Exchange with:wanderingworlds
Warnings:sex scene
Word Count:2,769
Summary:Takes place after the Yule Ball Scene. You help Viktor, he helps you...

Btw: This is just a repost, since the lj-cut decided to work again (go figure...) (Also i deleted the other one)

You sighed and plopped your chin down into your palm, cupping your face and staring blankly out onto the crowded dance floor. Eyes wandering over the masses of people who were still on the dance floor, despite the late hour, you searched out your date.
Your date, Jeffery Snaffle, had gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend during the dance, leaving you to your lonesome. It really was rather rude. You thought. He could have at least waited until after the dance.
But nevertheless, he had left you alone and no one had asked you for a dance and you weren’t forward enough to go and ask someone for yourself. Well this has been a magnificent evening. You thought wryly as you watch Jeffery and Giselle saunter off the dance floor and out of the Great Hall and presumably to the walkway where other happy couples were making out.
Heaving another sigh full of self-pity you picked up your wrap from your chair and stood, determined to at least get a good nights sleep so you could at least pull together some scraps to make it a decent evening.
Wrapping the black wrap around your arms, you smoothed down your deep-purple and black dress and slipped on your uncomfortable shoes. Turning, you made your way unsteadily to the door of the Great Hall, swaying in the painful shoes and from exhaustion and the bit of depression that had taken a hold of you.
You walked towards the stairs that led to the staircases that led to your dormitory. You had just started to go up them when you heard a small commotion behind you and turned to see Hermione Granger chasing Ron Weasley up the stairs, yelling about something or other.
Wasn’t she going to the dance with Viktor Krum? You wondered in confusion right as Ron stormed past you and you saw Hermione whirl around and yell at Harry Potter before darting up the stairs past you.
You stared at the scene before shrugging and decisively sitting on the stairs. You might as well get some entertainment out of the evening.
Harry stood there for a few seconds before shrugging in confusion and taking the steps two at a time past you. He gave a small nod to acknowledge your presence, which made you feel a bit better. At least you knew you existed then.
About ten minutes of nothing exciting happening, besides someone tripping on the stairs, you were about to abandon the stairs and give in to the lure of your bed.
Sighing again, you seemed to be doing that a lot tonight, you gathered up your shoes from where you set them next to you and were about to stand when a deep voice interrupted your ascent.
“’Scuse me, but have you seen Her-my-own-ini?” You looked up and squinted into the light of the staircase to look up at the imposing figure of Viktor Krum himself.
For a moment you were caught speechless, this was someone famous after all, before you shook your head slightly. He was still a person, not an object to be gawked at.
“Yeah, I saw her about ten minutes ago. I think she ran up to her dorm.” You said, indicating up the stairs.
He looked at you hopefully, a sight that made you feel unusually happy. “Would you happen to know how to get there?”
You winced, “I’m really sorry, but no. I’m in a different house then she is.”
He sighed, obviously unhappy, and you almost offered to tell him that sighing would only serve to make things seem worse. You refrained, as you felt this would be a pretty pessimistic thing to say.
Yet his sad countenance remained and so you decided to help out. “Hey, can I help or anything? I mean, I’m a pretty good listener if you just want to talk or something.”
He looked at you for a moment, and after a few seconds you started to get nervous before he sat down besides you and made himself comfortable.
You stared at him, almost giggling for some absurd reason. Now that he was up next to you, you could see him closely and you decided with a raised eyebrow and scrutinizing eye that he could definitely be placed in the handsome category.
He noticed you staring and gave you an odd look, “Are you okay?”
“Handsome.” You said shortly before your brain caught up with your mouth and your eyes widened and you nearly slapped yourself. Stupid, stupid, STUPID! “I…I mean…”
He laughed, which made him even more handsome, but also slightly insane. You tilted your head slightly and he answered your unspoken question.
“Yes, I am quite handsome.” He grinned and you almost nodded appreciatively. Instead you quirked your eyebrow higher. At least he was honest. And blunt. Both of which you could and did appreciate in a person.
You nodded. “So anyway. You’re having some girl issues?”
He gave you a slightly patronizing look. “I do not have girl troubles.”
You raised your hands to pacify him. “Right. You’re having Hermione troubles.” At his nod you continued. “You like her, but you think that she likes Ron and you don’t know how to get her to like you as you’ve never had to actually go after girls since they normally come after you. Did I get it all?”
“You…what’s the saying?.. Cut to the core.” He gave you an appraising look, as if he had misread you at the first impression and you preened a bit. Hey, you liked being right.
“I try. But anyway, I think you’re going to have some problems. I’m not trying to dissuade you or anything, but there’s a pretty large bet going that Ron and Hermione are going to get together and they fight because they like each other. There’s also a smaller bet about Harry and Hermione, but most people have pulled out of that. Of course,” you tapped your chin thoughtfully, “there is still a small, yet slightly disturbing, bet about Harry and Ron getting together.”
You glanced at Viktor and he was staring at you with amused eyes so you continued on. “But anyway, unless you suddenly get a tad shorter, a whole lot less muscle-y, and become a red-head with matching freckles, I don’t really see you getting together with Hermione anyway. At least not in the long run.” Seeing Viktor’s fallen face, you couldn’t help but give him a bit of hope, “But hey, it’s all just theory, and you’ve still got now, don’t you?”
“If only for right now..” He murmured, apparently thinking it over. Then he perked up a bit, and you smiled to see him happy.
“Thank you!” He said cheerfully in his wonderful Bulgarian accent and you beamed at him in return.
You sat there in comfortable silence for a few moments. And then those moments started to turn into minutes when he turned to you and asked, “So how about your boy troubles.”
You blinked at him, having been entertaining a rather wonderful vision of him with no clothes. Blinking again to clear the fog, you tilted your head. “Excuse me?” You asked a bit indignantly. “I do not have boy troubles.”
“Then why were you sitting here all alone when I came by.” He asked victoriously.
You scowled at him. “I was about to leave.”
“How long had you been sitting there?”
Your frown deepened before you mumbled darkly.
“What was that?”
You turned to glare at him heatedly, “Ten minutes.”
He tried again, “Where is your date?”
You looked ahead blankly, “Off with his ex, or rather, not so ex girlfriend.”
“Where is your boyfriend.” He asked, looking at you, softly now.
You sucked at your bottom lip, missing his look. “Well I suppose if he existed he’d be…well I don’t know. I’ve never had a boyfriend. I had a fling with a guy once but it was only for a few hours. Not long enough to officially be boyfriend and girlfriend.” You gazed critically ahead of you. “I’ve conceded to the fact that I’m going to be a loveless old woman with a lot of cats.” And a virgin. You added to yourself.
“You’re a virgin?” You whipped your head to the side so fast you cracked your neck.
“How did you kno-…I mean….what?!” You stumbled.
He gave you a small look as to ascertain whether you were in the right state of mind. “You said it?”
“I did?” You asked. At his nod, you continued, “Well…I shouldn’t have! Erase it from your mind! Wait! I’m a witch!” You pulled out your wand, half-intending to use the memory charm on him when his large hand gently encircled your wrist.
Looking up at him you sent him a silent question, but he just pulled you to your feet and started walking you down the stairs and down the hall.
You asked him where you were going several times, trying to look nonchalant as you got some strange stares walking down the hall. He led you out of the castle and across the lawn to his school ship.
He led you on, nodding towards some of his school mates, and led you through the maze of corridors before finally stopping in front of a door.
Opening it he ushered you inside and lit half of the candles with his wand to give you the view of the room.
It was obviously his room, as noted by the pictures of himself and of prominent figures. You could also tell by the lavishness of the room and especially by the large single bed in the room.
“You’re in this room alone?” You asked, as he finished lighting the candles.
He threw you a small grin, “Small benefit of being famous.”
“Ahh.” You nodded, trying to feel less nervous. You almost jumped when you felt his hands on your shoulders. “So…” You turned to him and noticed that he had taken off his top dress robe and was only in a thin shirt and his pants. He had also taken off his shoes without you noticing.
Noticing your nervousness he decided to finally answer your question from before. “I took you here because I decided not to let that happen.” He said, gazing intently at you with his dark eyes.
“Umm…what?” You asked.
He leaned forward until he reached your ears, and you felt your heart triple its rate. His breath tickled your ear as he said softly, “To let you die a virgin. You’re too wonderful a girl not to show you that a guy would appreciate you.”
Coupled with his deep, husky voice, his appearance in general, and the atmosphere, you were surprised you were even able to utter your soft, “Oh.”
He gave you a small roguish smirk before pulling you over to the bed. Your nervousness grew but abruptly ended in confusion when he sat you down in front of the bed and sat behind you, so that you were both facing forward.
“Umm…I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure this is not how you…do that.” You said blushing slightly.
You heard his low chuckle and he placed his hands on his shoulders and he started rubbing them slowly.
“We’re taking it slowly. Just because I don’t want you to die a virgin doesn’t mean I’m going to force you to.”
You smiled slightly. “Cool.”
“Not for long.”
You didn’t respond and let him massage your back. His warm hands were soothing and you caught yourself almost moaning once or twice.
“How does that feel?” He asked and you finally let out a groan as he hit a particularly tender spot.
“Feelsssgood.” You slurred, relaxing a bit more. After a few more minutes he gently picked you up by your waist and pulled you onto the bed and you looked at him with suddenly serious eyes.
“I have to know I’m not rebound girl. Or that you’re thinking about anyone else.” You said, looking in his eyes for the answer.
He was silent for a few moments and you were afraid that you were right when he gave you a soft smile, “No one else. This is just you and me.”
You smiled in return and leaned in for a kiss. Your lips met and it was soft and powerful at the same time, like a slow burning fire.
You pulled back and whispered next to his lips, “Good,” before returning to your previous engagement with more fervor.
The moment grew and soon you felt yourself being pulled down to the bed. You slid your arms down his back and he settled his on your waist. You realized with a small start that he must have removed your own cloak at some point, as he was now slowly pulling down the zipper on your dress.
Feeling it tug to a stop, he stopped kissing you and removed his shirt. You got an excellent view of his strong chest and you ran your fingers up it, feeling it hot underneath your touch.
He unzipped his pants and you pushed them down with your feet as he resumed kissing you, so now all that was left between you was his boxers, you dress and your underwear and bra.
Slowly, he slid off you dress, kissing the skin he found as he slipped it off, to throw it over his shoulder somewhere behind him.
Suddenly you found yourself shivering, but not for long as he leaned over you again, with serious eyes.
“You know this probably won’t go beyond tonight.” He dropped a small kiss on your lips, awaiting your answer and you opened your eyes.
“That’s alright, that’s okay.” You said breathlessly and he started sucking at your neck.
You briefly closed your eyes against the flood of sensation that filled you as he hit a sensitive spot.
“If only for right now.”
Then, no more words were spoken as he unclasped your bra and took it off, taking a moment to look at your body.
You blushed, and started to cover yourself, but he clasped your hands and slowly pushed them above your head, holding them there as he started sucking at one of your nipples, causing you to arch slightly, gasping for breath.
Your underwear and his boxers shortly went and he was back in front of you. You nodded slightly, answering the question in his eyes, and groaned as he slowly slid into you, filling you completely.
He buried his head in your neck, waiting for you to adjust before slowly pulling out and pushing back in, setting a slow pace.
You breathing quickened, as did your pulse and your bodies started to slick with sweat. It just felt so right!
Wrapping your legs around him, you urged him to go faster, to which he gladly agreed and you soon found yourself on the brink.
Pulling his face towards you for a sloppy kiss, you felt an explosion within your body, the fire rushing to every little hair follicle and back again.
With a groan, he came too, and half collapsed on top of you, breathing heavily in the aftermath.
“That…,” you gasped, smiling, “was great.” He landed a small kiss on your lips before grabbing the covers and pulling them over the both of you.
“Go to sleep.” He whispered as you felt your eyelids start to close against your will, “I’ll be here in the morning.”
With that comforting knowledge you fell asleep in his arms.
The next morning you woke up, still nestled in his arms, and you smiled, glad it wasn’t just a dream, and slowly got out of bed, starting to put on your things. You transfigured your clothes so that way no one would ask questions before slipping them on.
You had just finished with your robes when you heard a voice, his voice, from the bed.
“Please feel obliged to walk around my room naked any time you’d like.” His voice was still deep from sleep but you were able to hear the hidden smirk.
“Fiend! I thought you were asleep!” Throwing a shoe at him, which he easily caught. You frowned, how could you properly chastise him if he could catch everything you could throw at him?!
You walked over to get your shoe back and you found yourself pinned to the bed again, a grinning, and gloriously naked Viktor Krum above you.
“Are you ready for a repeat of last night?” He asked, with a charming grin.
You scowled in mock-anger. “You’re insatiable.”
“So are you.”
You never did find that shoe.
A/N: I was originally going to write more, but somehow that felt like a good place to end it…Happy Valentine’s Day!
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